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Saxophonist. Composer. Virtuoso.


Skype lessons

I'm excited to now offer lessons to students all over the world via Skype! All instrumentalists and skill levels welcome. I take great pride in helping my students unlock their full musical potential, and to that end I will customize our lessons to fit your goals. Improve your improvisational skills, get deeper into the harmony of jazz, hone your compositional voice, and flat-out play better.... all from the comforts of your home! 


"I recommend Nick Biello highly as a teacher and a performing musician.  Living in Seattle, a hub of some of the best high school jazz bands in the U.S., I have access to many saxophone teachers. Of all the saxophone teachers I have learned from, he is by far my favorite.  Nick makes the difficult concepts and techniques easier to grasp.  I always come out of my lessons with a new plethora of knowledge, inspired and with loads of material to work on."

- Misae Nguyen

Seattle, WA



 let's get skyping!