Nick Biello Music

Saxophonist. Composer. Virtuoso.

UPCOMING Public performances

April 30 - Nick Biello Quintet w/ Joshua Bruneau, Sebastian Ammann, Alex Tremblay, Jake Robinson @ Black Eyed Sally's - Hartford, CT 8pm

May 4th - w/ Nanny Assis @ L'Escalle - Greenwich, CT 7pm

May 4th - Uptown Party Down @ Rockwood Stage 2 - New York, NY, midnight

May 6th - Nick Biello Trio w/ Josh Allen and Jake Robinson @ Bar Next Door - New York, NY

May 11th - Kathleen Potton Quartet @ The Hill Bistro - New York, NY

May 15th - w/ Frank P Big Band @ New York Ba'hai Center - New York, NY

May 16th - w/ The Curtis Brothers featuring Zaccai Curtis, Lucques Curtis, Josh Walker, and Mark Whitfield Jr @ Harlem Stage - New York, NY

May 19th - Garland Jeffreys Band @ The Falcon - Marlboro, NY